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Mine Pitwater Utilisation Project

A collaborative project with Cammel Consulting & Soil Cyclers, in partnership with METS Ignited and Idemitsu in a world first, mining rehabilitation project. Rapid revegetation was establishment using ameliorated coal mine overburden as the growing media with a variety of salt tolerant pasture species seeded within it and irrigated with the mine’s salty pit water. The trial also explored floating wetlands as a bioremediation pathway to remove salt from the pitwater and showed promising results. The team is looking for partners to expand on this project for large scale adoptions of the technology developed. 

Nambour Landfill

A collaboration with Topo Group and Carruthers Contracting to design and build a stormwater treatment basin for the Sunshine Coast Council's Nambour Landfill expansion project.

Queensland Mining Awards.jpg
Queensland Mining Awards 

Innovate Enviro is proud to be recognised as joint award winners of both the Queensland Mining Contractor of the year and Environmental Award categories for the forward thinking, sustainable and cost saving solution for mining rehabilitation projects.

2022-11-04 13.35_edited.jpg
AAMIG Stormwater Treatment System

Another collaborative project with Topo Group, Turbid Stormwater Solutions and Cagway Civil. This involved the design and construction of a water treatment system to manage sediment and heavy metal loads. The project incorporated a HES basin and a polishing plant.

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